I am the owner of this law office and have been practicing law since 2012. Prior to opening up my solo practice, I worked at two of the more prestigious law firms in Honolulu, Hawaii. I am licensed in both California (#316051) and Hawaii (#9694). I have primarily been a civil litigator in my practice, which provides a great basis for dealing with almost any problems that clients may have. I have dealt with a wide range of problematic issues, including trusts & estates, probate, contract disputes, negotiable instruments, and construction defects. I have also worked on many transactional projects such as lease drafting, real estate due diligence, administrative applications, and estate planning.

It is my belief that a person is the sum of their life experiences and in that regard, I bring much to the table. I became an attorney later in my life, after many other rewarding endeavors. A short summary of my experiences includes:

Associate in Applied Science – Forestry, Hocking College
Bachelor of Science – Geography, Ohio University
Master of Science – Forestry, Oregon State University
PhD Candidate – Forestry (incomplete thesis), Oregon State Univ.
Juris Doctorate, University of Hawaii

I know the Silicon Valley is filled with well-educated professionals. I know what it is like to devote your time and energy in the pursuit of science and education. If you are such a person and are looking for someone who can deal with your legal issues and who can relate to the stresses and bureaucracy of dealing with academic institutions – then I am your guy.


I am a veteran. I was in the U.S. Air Force from 1987-1991 and was stationed in Spain. If you are a veteran and need help with your general civil legal needs or help with trying to bridge the gap of legal services between the military system and the civil system – then I am your guy.

Blue-Collar and get your hands dirty Work

I have worked for the U.S. Forest Service fighting wildfires in the mountains of the West. I have worked on survey crews forging through unmanaged forests and landscapes trying to establish boundary lines. I have owned and operated a floor installation business and I have personally installed many hardwood, bamboo, and cork floors. I have literally taken apart car engines and successfully put them back in working order. And I am a perpetual home remodeler.

The point being… I am not afraid to get my hands dirty and I don’t judge or treat people different based on what they do for a living. If you have a small business doing blue-collar work and need someone on your legal side who understands what it means to come home physically beat and exhausted at the end of the day – then I am your guy.

Computers, Technical Experience, and Publications

I was an early user of geographic information systems from which my computer coding experience was born. At one time, I was extremely proficient in coding in C and C++. I wrote enormous programs to deal with complex landscape simulation models in the course of my academic career. I have presented papers and posters on such matters at professional conferences. I have also authored or co-authored a number of peer-reviewed articles. If you have a problem that is rooted in computers or other technical fields and you need someone who understands the general framework of how such things work – then I am your guy.


I owned and operated a small retail store selling environmentally friendly building materials. This endeavor incorporated nearly every aspect of establishing and running a small business that a person could encounter. I also served on a local planning commission for nearly six years, three of which I was elected as its chairman. So, if you need help setting up and getting your small business running, or if you need help navigating the red-tape of the local planning process – then I am your guy.